Regular Magnetic Double Sided Boards

Scholar Art Resin Coated Steel (Regular Magnetic) Double-side (Whiteboard + Chalkboard) Writing Boardsare special-purpose, space-efficient and cost-efficient writing boards that consist of two writing surfaces (front and rear), instead of just one. The front side consists of a ‘White’ resin coated steel surface for writing with dry-erase whiteboard markers and the back side consists of a ‘Green’ resin coated steel surface for writing with chalk sticks. Thus, these boards add more value to the product by increasing the effective space (area) available for writing purposes, without changing the standard dimensions, size or packaging. As the name implies, the surface is magnet-friendly i.e. it can be used for applying magnets or magnet-impregnated objects (such as magnetic buttons) for holding accessories like dusters, markers, notes, charts etc. The writing surfaces are carefully engineered to give the board extreme flatness, erasability and readability, and do not warp easily due to changes in environmental conditions (temperature and humidity). Scholar Art Resin Coated Steel (Regular Magnetic) Double-side Writing Boards not breakable but are prone to scratches and dents, if not handled with care. Our Magnetic Double-side (2-in-1) Writing Boards are built from alloy aluminium 6063-T6 sections with top-end anodizing, to impart unmatched bending strength and stiffness to the board. The corners are made up of injection-molded virgin ABS for a seamless finish and superior looks. The core is available in the following three options – Paper Honeycomb (HC), Particle Board (PB) and Fibreboard (MDF) to give you the choice of buying from lightweight (HC) or heavy-duty (PB and MDF) boards, depending on your need. All our magnetic whiteboards are extremely robust, sturdy and long-lasting with non-fading, non-corrosive, weather-proof, termite-proof and low-maintenance writing surfaces. Hence, these boards are ideal for use at home, home office, kitchen, coaching & school. To know more about different types of boards that we make and materials that we use.

Space-efficient & Cost-
efficient Writing Boards

Hassle-free Installation
Using Built-in Hangers

Ideal for Kids, Home,
Office and Schools

Available in Heavy-duty
Iris Frame

Available in HC, PB &
MDF Core Options

Multi-purpose Regular Magnetic White &
Chalk Writing Surface

Premium Double Side Writing Boards

Frame Options


Premium Heavy-duty Frame
(1.20 mm Thick)


Economical Light-duty Frame
(0.80 mm Thick)


Economical Medium-duty Frame
(0.75 mm Thick)


Economical Ultra-light Frame
(0.55 mm Thick)


Economical Ultra-light Frame
(0.45 mm Thick)


Pine Wood Frame
(18×40 mm Thick)

Core Options

(Paper Honeycomb)

Light-duty Warp-free & Rigid Cores

(Particle Board)

Heavy-duty Warp-free & Rigid Cores


Heavy-duty Warp-free, Water Resistant & Rigid Cores

Size Options

Need Help with Choosing the Right Variant?

With so many combinations of surfaces, cores & frames, it is understandable if you feel overwhelmed. Click the link below or call our experts to know more about different options.

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